How Long Will You or Your Job Last?

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The Problem: There is a massive transformation of work underway, and too many people are on the sidelines watching. I’m honored to be contributing at the Unreasonable Group’s Future Conference for selected entrepreneurs and mentors. Companies that can scale to address the world’s biggest problems are here, and there are a number committed to addressing the fact that talent is universal, but success in matching to opportunity is often restricted. They are building powerful platforms to take the issue head on.

Story: Employers are feeling the urgency of not having enough workers with digital competence, including but not limited to data scientists, developers, software engineers, social media experts, and much more. They also want people with more refined “soft” skills that reflect high EQ to compliment digital competence. Government is recognizing that necessary employment policy may be lagging. Traditional education is slow to respond and not very creative overall. People are fearful that their jobs will be displaced by machines and/or become irrelevant. They are right. And new jobs are emerging very quickly without people to step up.

Today I worked on a prototype that would be like Spotify for upskilling or reskilling. It was a cool example of how platforms like this are going to transform our continuous drive and need for everyone to upskill and/or reskill.

What we can do about it?

  1. Recognize that NO job or person is immune, and consciously invest in upskilling or reskilling.
  2. Consider reinventing yourself with urgency.
  3. Look to leading organizations/solutions that may be unorthodox. Go to where the jobs are going to be and squire the requisite skills ASAP!

Think big, start small, act now.

– Lorne

One Millennial View: I often think about how the curriculum at the journalism school I attended is likely 80 or 90 percent different now than when I graduated in 2009. It’s a little scary to know that hundreds of much younger students are learning skills that we didn’t even know about back then. Although I don’t have access to their learnings exactly, it’s part of my job to educate and reskill myself as much as possible so I can continue to compete.

– Garrett

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