Dig a Little Deeper and Find a Well!

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Do you sometimes want to change things?  Wish They would do something to make things different? What if the They were you?

Ryan Hreljac is now 19 yrs old but this Canadian teenager was inspired at age 7 to raise $70 through doing extra chores to help build wells in Africa. In the 12 years since, his own charity, Ryan’s Wells Foundation, has helped fund more than 550 wells in 16 countries. He has helped supply clean water to 700,000 people.

Sometimes it is a matter of asking what and how you can take action to change things. Self-accountability is the courage and confidence to believe you can do something to develop a more desired state of being. This applies at work and outside of work. Each of us has way more power and influence than we often believe. 

Start now… before you know it, 700,000 people have clean drinking water. Start now… your place of work will see the benefit of changes you have initiated.

with Character,