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WOW! Our 1,000th Blog With You!

  Thank you all. The reason we have been around to share 1,000 blogs is because of your support and encouragement. Over the years, we have had so many people tell us that our shared thoughts helped in some way. Occasionally our viewpoint has helped someone with a decision. At other times, we inspired a […]


Lead In With Lorne – Put Your Butt Down Somewhere Else

  Welcome to another Lead In With Lorne. This week, focus on planting your butt next to someone you might not have before. Learn and meet someone new. For an awesome story about this, listen to this podcast.  Enjoy it on the YouTube video embedded below, or audio listeners can hear it on SoundCloud now […]


Hot Topic Friday: Sept. 20

  Happy Friday! Here are my Sept. 20 Hot Topics and how they relate to advancing culture or leadership.  Hot Topic 1: What’s WFA and What Should You Know About It?  Source: Bloomberg. What It’s About: Smart organizations with thoughtful leaders, fully support WFH (working from home). This article introduces the benefit of WFA, or […]


Celebrating the Countdown to 1,000! 

  Next Tuesday, Sept. 23, we will be publishing our 1,000th blog. First of all, we want to thank YOU for following, reading, caring, sharing and more. Since Jan. 1, we’ve had over 50,000 visitors to the website. We are so grateful that you invest your precious personal time with us. You make us […]


Hot Topic Friday: Sept. 13

  Happy Friday the 13th! Here are my Sept. 13 Hot Topics and how they relate to advancing culture or leadership.  Hot Topic 1: What if We Didn’t Fear Robots Replacing Us?  Source: Harvard Business Review.  What It’s About: This article is about the reality of AI/Machine Learning/robotics replacing jobs, but with an optimistic twist. […]


A Bump in the Culture Road 

  This is another blog in the series on culture transformation following my experience as Chief Culture and Transformation Officer at NorQuest. As promised it will be real and transparent including the good, bad and ugly (without sharing material confidential to the college).  The Challenge: One reason the culture transformation at my last organization was […]

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