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The part of my mission to inspire action requires that I also receive regular doses of inspiration and guidance to continue growing. This feeling comes from high impact books and other medium from a few of my top recommended influencers. These are people I consider to be at the forefront of thought leadership in the personal leadership and organizational culture space – many of whom are breakthrough academics, researchers, authors and/or practitioners. My hope is that these examples bring transformational ideas to your own personal leadership development.

Tom Peters

In Search of Excellence

When Tom Peters and Rob Waterman Jr. wrote In Search of Excellence it ignited a worldwide conversation on what it meant to be “Excellent”. It was early in my career and I became part of the conversation. Peters’ legacy is the passion he personally ignited regarding people and customers.

As mentioned in: Never Peters Out! September 15, 2015

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In Search of Excellence by Thomas J. Peters

Peter Senge

The Fifth Discipline

Peter Senge and this book made my brain sizzle. I was working for the Chairman of a Fortune 50 company and convinced him every executive make this a must read. It embedded a framework of systems thinking and learning that informs the way I think and act.

As mentioned in: Who Knows You Better Than You? August 10, 2012

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The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge

Jim Collins

Good to Great

Good to Great became what In Search of Excellence was years before. It provoked another generation of leaders, including me, to explore the principles of greatness; including recognizing that good is the enemy of great.

As mentioned in: Compassionate Leadership is the Most Effective November 10, 2015

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Good to Great by Jim Collins

Dan Pink


Dan Pink made me think about what really motivates people beyond tired, old management beliefs of pay for performance. It is rich with common sense insight backed by research.

As mentioned in: What’s Your Purpose? Can You Make it a Brief Description? October 29, 2012

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Drive by Daniel H. Pink

Lorne Rubis

The Character Triangle

At the risk of appearing totally self serving, I genuinely believe the Character Triangle and applying self accountability, respect and abundance in a connected way, changes both people and organizations for the better. Living the Character Triangle is a game changer.

As mentioned in: My books

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The Character Triangle - Build character, have an impact and inspire others. Book.