Zoom Out and Back For Bad Ass Greatness 

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The Challenge: There are a few issues I have with setting yearly business objectives in traditional ways. First of all, they are often incremental, even tepid. This is related to the management technique of “sandbagging,” usually related to ensuring individual bonuses are earned. The second is they can simultaneously lead to somewhere, yet nowhere. I hate “floaters” – things that have a beginning and end, yet do little to connect to a greater purpose. Furthermore, these goals can become rigid with people driving to just finish when the outcome is of little importance. Rather than consciously pivoting, because the context has changed, we stay in the rut until it ends.  

So What Do I Do About It? I like setting 10x goals that are based on zooming out years ahead in the spirit of becoming hugely aspirational. This stretches out everyone big time! So then when people come back to the present and determine steps towards these big goals, the yearly work is bolder and more meaningful. It is a bad ass way of working, and a lot more fun. I challenge you to try it. 

Think BIG, start small, act now. 

– Lorne 

One Millennial View: Who doesn’t want to have a bad ass way of thinking and approaching work and goals? I realize this is more of a challenge, but unless you’re working as a mattress salesperson, comfort shouldn’t be part of the experience. 

– Garrett

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