Asking For and Giving Straight Talk! 

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The Challenge: One of the cliches of business is: “We need to have better communication.” Who can argue with this ultimate “motherhood” statement? Still, people are weary of worn out, top down communication and management spin. They don’t typically want the polished and carefully worded “speak” from the marketing department. Frankly, when they see an executive post or email, the data says that up to 80 percent of recipients tend to discount the message at best, or ignore at worst. So what can a leaders do about it? 

What I Think People Want: Streaming technology allows us to talk to people in real time from anywhere the internet is accessible. Applications like YouTube Live, Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and more, give us a platform to have immediate and authentic conversations. In my last organization, I would live stream on various topics with internal or external guests every Friday. It was optional for people to join the conversation, yet we would average nearly 500 people every live session. The episodes were recorded and many more watched/listened to the playback at a more convenient time. I humbly also understood that the community didn’t show up just for my guest or me. They collected on the platform because they became part of the message. The chat was every bit as important or perhaps even more significant. The online participants answered each other’s questions, virtually gave “high fives,” posted great points, editorialized, and much more. It became a communication potpourri of what was relevant to the audience. 

In my new role and organization I’m going to do this even better. Every Wednesday, starting in the fall, anyone in the organization who wants to know what’s going on and/or desires to express a view is going to be invited. I expect this live stream, in its raw, open, uncluttered, transparent way, will take us all to a higher version in becoming one team. I’m going to tell it like I see it and expect the same from everyone. 

Could you livestream with your teams or in your organization? Do it! It’s all upside if you’re real and don’t spin. Trust the audience. They’re worth it. 

Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! 


One Millennial View: How cool is that? As mentioned above, we all have the resources to connect and have a free platform. I’m a giant fan of listening to valuable content, and if your organization can have a voice, why not let it ring with full transparency? Best of luck. 

– Garrett 

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Edited and published by Garrett Rubis