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At key times during the culture and disruption initiative I’m leading, I’m going to share the strategy, tactics, pivots, etc. with our followers so we all might learn together. It will be authentic, messy and hopefully instructive. Please join us with the overall objective of inspiring a movement to create even greater workplaces and organization cultures. Everyone has the right to thrive in a great workplace. Each of us has an obligation to make it so.

The Challenge: How do you start a cultural transformation? It’s really important to engage a core group of people to help lead the process. In this case, we recruited a group of “Culture Champions” to represent the entire college. Now, what do you do with this group to make it meaningful? Culture can be a mushy idea and concept. And then, how do you choose what to focus on to leverage and accelerate the initiative?

What I’m Doing About It: We are taking the Culture Champions through a learning and planning boot camp for four full days, starting this week. We will challenge them to observe the characteristics of other organizations’ cultures, and introduce the underlying concepts in the 10 elements required for building extraordinary, adaptive cultures (see pic above). We will then conclude the workshop with a game plan to unleash the Culture Champions to do qualitative research by listening to all parts of the organization, using the 10 elements as a guide. They will be expected to bring their findings back to my Culture and Transformation team by the end of the summer. We will use this data to build our culture advancement plan. Then it’s a matter of making choices, focusing, executing and building off of momentum.

P.S. When they come back with their data, I will also engage them in a visioning process to establish a multi-sensual description of a desired future culture “end” state, including milestones along the way.

Think Big, Start Small, Act Now.


One Millennial View: Please come back to us with some bootcamp highlights, and I’m certainly curious to see how it pans out over the summer. In the spirit of the season, hopefully it’ll make a splash like a water slide more so than a lazy river.

– Garrett

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