Hot Topic Friday: June 28

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Happy Friday! Here are my June 28 Hot Topics and how they relate to advancing leadership or culture.

Hot Topic 1: The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes.

Source: The Wharton School. 

What It’s About: Purpose driven organizations like the shoe company Allbirds can be socially conscious AND financially successful. Allbirds was founded to sell high-quality and stylish shoes, AND reinvent the footwear business model by reducing its carbon impact at scale. Since their launch in March 2016, Allbirds has been named “the world’s most comfortable shoe” by Time, and sold more than one million pairs. Co-founder Joey Zwillinger wants to shine a light on other purpose-driven founders. This March, in collaboration with Wharton Business Radio, he launched Purpose Built, a monthly radio show and podcast to meet the people behind some of the most successful and socially-conscious brands.

Why It’s Important: It is becoming imperative for leading organizations to go well beyond creating shareholder value. People want to work for a company they are proud to be part of. As Zwillinger states: “It’s table stakes now that if you’re starting a business that there should be a purpose to it — that is better for society. I thought it would be interesting to get a lot of examples and to talk to entrepreneurs and business leaders who have taken that approach and are on the path to being successful.” Part of the movement to consciously creating great cultures will be establishing or reconstituting purpose-driven institutions that advance us as humans. Leaders like the founders of Allbirds are paving the way! Go Joey. P.S. I have two pairs of Allbirds and they are my most comfortable shoes! 

Hot Topic 2: Coach Yourself First, Dummy! 

Source: Ed Batista. 

What It’s About: The Art of Self-Coaching is a course that Professor Ed Batista designed and teaches at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He launched it in 2015. He defines self-coaching as the process of guiding our own growth and development, particularly through periods of transition. The entire syllabus of the course including readings and slide presentations are included here. (They are full of insight and wisdom).

Why It’s Important: I’m a fan of people getting career coaches etc., however the people who are most valued in organizations are those that are self-taught, self-developed learners. They know how to coach themselves and have a well developed framework for super fast learning and unlearning. How can you really coach others if you are not fully capable of coaching yourself first? Consider taking or auditing the course. 

My Weekly Wine Recommendation (Thanks to Vivino):

Luce Della Vite Toscana IGT 2015.

[Picture and ratings provided by Vivino.]

And finally! Here’s Cecil’s Bleat of the Week!

“Doing nothing requires effort. Over time, that effort is greater than the effort necessary to improve, or move somewhere better. The trick is to redirect energy.”Dr. Max McKeown

Bye for now!

– Lorne Rubis

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