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At key times during the culture and disruption initiative I’m leading, I’m going to share the strategy, tactics, pivots, etc. with our followers so we all might learn together. It will be authentic, messy and hopefully instructive. Please join us with the overall objective of inspiring a movement to create even greater workplaces and organization cultures. Everyone has the right to thrive in a great workplace. Each of us has an obligation to make it so.

The Challenge: The last blog outlined the importance of a great start to the Boot Camp. That’s important. However one has to land the rest of the content so that it has serious impact, and the participants really connect. The cohort included 25 selected culture champions and about 25 experts from other areas of the college. So how might you do it?

What We Did: The first key content area was to define what organization culture is, and then to observe it in action elsewhere. We asked the cohort to virtually explore six other company cultures virtually (eg. Waffle House to WestJet). By being cultural anthropologists it’s amazing what you can observe by searching online. The next core content focus was to present a cultural framework. In this case it is my 10 Key Elements to Build Adaptive and Extraordinary Cultures.

The important understanding underlying this framework is to think of applying the 10 Elements as a system. Each element is uniquely important AND connects with all other elements to accelerate the culture. The learning included a review of important points underpinning each element followed by sub group exercises and discussion to bring the element to life. We concluded by arming our culture champions with a construct to conduct a cultural listening campaign across the entire college using the 10 elements as a guide. This blog doesn’t do justice to the content, process and amount of planning by all. However, I hope you get the drift.

I promised you a transparent trip with me. We are sending out a feedback survey to all participants… Stay tuned. I will share the good, the bad and ugly. Thanks for joining us for the ride. While every journey is unique my intent is to share a road map you can broadly follow in driving a better culture where you work. 

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One Millennial View: I’ve enjoyed this journey so far. It’s great that the cohort was able to explore real examples of other organization culture in action. I’m excited to see how they respond to the 10 Elements, and go about applying them in their listening campaign. 

– Garrett

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