Hot Topic Friday: May 3

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Happy Friday! Here are my May 3 Hot Topics relating to advancing leadership and culture.

Hot Topic 1: The Nike ‘Boys Club’ Lawsuits and What They Mean For All Organizations.

Source: Portland Business Journal.

What it’s About: Nike has faced various lawsuits since allegations of a toxic workplace first emerged more than a year ago. Nike has remained on the defensive, and continues taking numerous actions designed to improve the company’s culture.

[Note: While some lawsuits have since been dismissed, this uncomfortable distraction has caused increased attention to improving culture.]

Why it’s Important: Boards of directors are going to start really digging into the culture issue for risk management purposes, as much as for competitive leverage. CEOs who claim to be surprised or unaware of widespread inappropriate behavior are going to get fired.

Hot Topic 2: How ‘Free Solo’ is Inspiration for All Leaders.

Source: Inc.

What it’s About: A friend and thought-leader raved on about Free Solo over dinner. On June 3, 2017, Alex Honnold completed the 3,000-foot climb of El Capitan in Yosemite Park, without safety ropes or harnesses, in three hours, 56 minutes. This almost superhuman feat is a study in what it takes to be 10x better.  The experience is captured in the Academy-Award winning documentary, Free Solo.

Why it’s Important: These outside-the-organization accomplishments can be such a learning framework for achieving extraordinary results. According to this Inc. article, Honnold attributes his success to lessons like: 1. Mind your mindset. 2. Extraordinary success requires focus and sacrifice. 3. Believe in your unlimited potential. 4. No luck – only preparation. 5. Shortcuts can prove fatal. 6. Overnight success takes years of hard work. Learn from Alex. Watch the movie. Become inspired!

My Weekly Wine Recommendation (Thanks to Vivino):

Treana Red Blend Paso Robles 2015.

Picture and ratings provided by Vivino.

And finally! Here’s Cecil’s Bleat of the Week!

“People don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.”Theodore Levitt

Bye for now!

– Lorne Rubis

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