Hot Topic Friday: April 26

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Happy Friday! Here are my April 26 Hot Topics relating to advancing leadership and culture.

Hot Topic 1: Transformations in Organizations Will Only Succeed if You Answer This Question.

Source: McKinsey & Company, Stephen Hall.

What it’s About: Renowned consultant organization, McKinsey & Company, published an instructive article regarding what serious, successful organizations do to drive meaningful, sustainable transformations; with a capital T!

Why it’s Important: The one important insight in the article I want to emphasize is the “why?” If the CEO and rest of the leadership team do not have a compelling, inspirational reason for the “why” behind a transformation initiative, then I’d suggest not wasting time and money by announcing one. There has to be a personal, emotional connection to the “why.” Start there, then ask incredible, mind-bending questions regarding a possible future. Think Big, Start Small, Act Now.

Hot Topic 2: How Challenging Your Perspective Can Increase Your IQ

Source: Rachel Kushner, The New York Times Magazine.

What it’s About: Ruth Wilson Gilmore, renowned scholar and prison abolitionist, makes her argument for why prisons should be abolished. While making me uncomfortable, she makes a thought-provoking case.  

Why it’s Important: Google has a view that a shift in perspective measurably increases IQ. They have built a high performance, innovative culture based on collective mindsets that start with questions like: “How might we?” “Have you considered?” Exponential leaders need to be better at asking and challenging people to think in both innovative and disruptive ways. This includes inviting people to reconsider their traditional assumptions. For example: “What if we could eliminate the need for prisons?” Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with Gilmore, it’s a mindset exercise to help us practice confronting our perspectives.

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And finally! Here’s Cecil’s Bleat of the Week!

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” – Tim Ferriss

Bye for now!

– Lorne Rubis

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