How You Can Develop Super Powers By Believing in Each Other

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Story: Why do we seem to love underdogs? It’s because many of us can see ourselves in the same spot, winning against tough odds. You don’t have to be an NFL fan to appreciate the resilience of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles. Last year, he replaced the star QB and led the team to its first Super Bowl, sending Philly fans into delirious celebration. Now in 2019, he’s at it again. After being relegated to the bench, the starter gets hurt and Foles steps in to lead the team into the playoffs; an unlikely outcome just a few weeks ago. Foles shared his feelings and observations about the deja-vu experience with Inc. Magazine. Here are a few of Foles’ quotes:

  1. “What I learned on those stages is just how to calm myself in a chaotic moment, when there’s… a ton of pressure. And just really simplifying in my head. Getting in the huddle, looking at the guys that I trust.”
  2. “Know that it’s all on the line for us and we’re just going to get the job done.”
  3. It’s just belief in one another.”

Key Point: When you deeply believe in the people around you, and vice versa, the team commits to never letting each other down. This doesn’t always equate to winning, however the group seems to develop superpowers that also translate into exceptional individual performances. When you experience that feeling, it is almost magical.

Even in the most pressure packed chaos, having trust in each other seems to help calm things down, which allows flow to take over. The best sports psychologists in the world attempt to teach the science and paradox of slowing things down to speed things up. You can’t simply wish for it though. Your team genuinely has to have each others’ back, regardless of outcome. Whatever happens, there needs to be this look in everyone’s eyes that says, “I have your back and I believe in you. Let’s friggin’ kick ass!” It takes the vulnerability of unbridled compassion, uncomfortable courage and searing commitment. The outcome is often extraordinary, sometimes legendary.

Actions you can take:

  1. Talk to your team about what needs to be done to create this state of unwavering belief and trust in each other.
  2. Learn about the conditions of psychological safety and how they apply.
  3. Practice those deep, deep breaths when the pressure comes. Slooooow it down. You will increase your performance and instill more confidence in those around you.

Forming superpowers through trust and belief,


One Millennial View: Yeah and this commitment doesn’t manifest from trust falls or company picnics, either. In my experience, the best teams have to be on the same page. Everyone knows the goal, they know the play, and they even pick up eachothers’ slack sometimes. Nick Foles depends on 10 other guys to be successful, and even though the whole group will never be synced up to perfection, he can count on the collective desire to perform their best.  

– Garrett

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