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Story: I remember one Christmas Eve when I was a rookie VP in a division of a Fortune 50 company. I was quietly working at my desk in the early afternoon. My radio (remember them?) was playing holiday songs. Almost everyone in the office had left for the Christmas break. It was a very peaceful moment. As I was wrapping up to head home for our family festivities, the Chairman and CEO popped in my office. He stopped by on his way home to personally offer Christmas best wishes. He sat for a moment, asked me what our family holiday plans were, and thanked me for my contributions to the company. I’ve always appreciated and remembered that gesture.

Key Point: As you wrap up the week, regardless of what position you have in your organization, please remember to take a personal moment to acknowledge and thank someone. Your genuine care will likely always be remembered. That personal connection where we can see each other, appreciate a handshake or even a friendly embrace, reminds us that above all else, it’s people that make organizations and cultures what they are.

Lead Yourself:

  1. Take a moment to personally check in on someone you work with before the holiday season begins. Learn more about how they celebrate and genuinely thank them. No excuses regarding not having time or being too busy.

Lead Others:

  1. Call, Facetime, or ideally in person check in with ALL your direct reports before the break. No excuses. And no lazy group generic emails or texts. As a leader, you’re Santa at work with the simple gift of care and conservation.

Santa at work in Personal Leadership,

– Lorne

One Millennial View: As great as the office Holiday party or Secret Santa exchange can be, a small gesture of acknowledgement from a leader is a memory that is sure to last through the New Year.

– Garrett

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