The Gift of Becoming a Teacher

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Story: Can you see in your mind’s eye the visual of a person who is phenomenal at their craft? It may be the carpenter, baker, or proverbial candlestick maker. Each area of work is populated by a few of these folks. In most cases these people were not prodigies. They just worked with relentless purpose and intentionality, often struggling to get better before eventually becoming masterful. And somehow over time, those around them come to appreciate the exceptional nature of their work and acknowledge accordingly. The purposeful craftsperson consciously or unconsciously becomes the teacher. They show the way and others become willing students.

The picture connected to this blog is of a beautiful painting given to me by a group of former teammates. It represents a “call to action” that impacted these folks, and the company in a very positive way. For me, it is way more than a gift. It is a symbol of living with purpose, imperfectly honing a craft and the generous recognition thereof. Throughout my working life, I have devoted my craft towards advancing people through leadership and culture. I have a deep belief in the value of creating conditions for people to thrive. And over my career I have had ups and downs in successfully doing so. I have miles of self-improvement still in front of me. Yet, whether as a teacher, VP of Sales, CEO or CPO, it’s been my mantra in every role and industry. The purpose and process to establish a craft that is for the advancement of others has always been the light that has guided me, and given me much more in return. I am now, after 40 years, slowly being invited to teach. I am so grateful for that honor.

Key Point: Most of us will have many different jobs and even careers. However, while the medium may change, we can continue to apply purpose, values, craft and process that eventually leads to personal payoff in the best sense of the word. Over time, the community realizes our value and like a journeyman in any field, we earn the privilege to teach and give. The biggest gift we receive in return is the interest of others learning from us. And sometimes, when we’re exceptionally fortunate, they may even send us something to commemorate that we were together and made an indelible mark.

Personal Leadership Moves:

  1. Think of your purpose on Earth as a craft to contribute to others. Continue to consciously work on it, be clear and consistent on your values, and one day you will be given the gift of people wanting to learn from you.
  2. Think of this as a marathon. Most times it takes years of practice to hone a craft to the point of others wanting our insight.
  3. Enjoy the ride. There is a literal or metaphorical painting for you down the road. It celebrates the journey and everyone who participated with you along the way.

Celebration of a craft in personal leadership,


One Millennial View: How cool is that painting? You can tell the level of talent, creativity and hard work that seeped into that canvas. While I know I’ll never be able to paint like that, I hope I can figure out my own craft in something that’ll leave a lasting impression. While not everyone’s craft will physically be displayed somewhere special, it can still be a goal to make your teachings hang in the minds of future students.

– Garrett

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Edited and published by Garrett Rubis