And Then There Were 11!



Over the last few weeks, Garrett and I have published a series on values in modern companies, using ATB Financial’s 10 (now 11) ATBs as examples. This is the LAST blog in that series.

Story: I’ve publicly stated with affection, that if you did an autopsy on Dave Mowat, ATBs soon-to-retired CEO, all the ATBs would tumble out. That’s how much he obsessively lives them on a daily basis. With impeccable timing, and as a tribute to his incredible legacy, we have just introduced our 11th ATB. In our organization, this is like adding an 11th commandment; a decision taken very seriously. Here’s an excerpt from his announcement to our company:

“Tomorrow we’ll make an important commitment to ourselves and to each other.

During Live with Rubis, Curtis and I will officially announce the 11th ATB: Courageously be yourself and a true ally for each other.

ATB No. 11 will be an essential part of who we are at ATB, and an essential part of diversity, inclusion, and belonging throughout our organization. It will ensure that each and every team member can bring their authentic selves to work each day.”

Key Point: Companies that thrive and continuously adapt forward are psychologically safe communities. People can show up and bring their full, authentic selves to do work that feels almost like play. They can genuinely be all-in, because the organization, while being imperfect, has the intention to accept and create a sense of true belonging for ALL. It is committed to genuine inclusion. Team members show up to embrace people and their ideas. The subtext of this 11th ATB states:

“Here, success means never having to sacrifice any part of who you are to ‘fit in.’
We stand up to be our most authentic selves, without fear.
We also stand up for others.
Allies find ways to raise people up by having the respect and humility to lean in, listen and learn from one another. Even if it sometimes makes us uncomfortable.
Because through understanding, we create a place where we all belong.”

Personal Leadership Moves:

  1. Watch the few very short trailers on ATB’s YouTube Page.
  2. And watch the full video below.

Courage in Personal Leadership,


One Millennial View: I’ve been fortunate never to be in a work environment where any individuals should feel like they need courage just to present themselves and do their job. And I’ve worked with an extremely eclectic group of people. I hope most have felt inclusion, but for those who may not, strong places like ATB reinforce and reassure with clear culture commandments.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis