Women Carrying the Casket

Contribution Kindness Respect


Key Point: My mother-in-law, Louise Crowley, passed away last week. She was 96, a remarkable human, and someone I’ve known and loved for 50 years. One of her dying wishes was to have her granddaughters (including our proud daughters who also loved her so much) be the pallbearers at her funeral. My wife, her daughter, is giving the eulogy. What statements.

Louise was of a generation where her physical presence was most obvious in the kitchen and in service to eight children, the church and community. However, if one came to the conclusion that that’s where she “lived,” as quiet “wallpaper” in a very male-dominated household/world, you would be very mistaken. Her voice was soft, but her personal strength was harder than diamond. This is her legacy: A quiet voice that boomed out notes of “soft steel,” singing the lyrics of decency and righteousness, setting examples for ALL. Her, behind-the-scene life of service and undying kindness became center stage inspiration for the women in the family, and much needed guidance for us men.

The sacrifices and tireless work of the Louise’s in the world seem to be the underlying foundation of a much needed women leadership movement that is surging globally. The world seems to be crying out for women everywhere to lead in full stride.

On Jan. 4, 2018, Melinda Gates published the following:

“You may never know their names. They work beneath the headlines and far from the spotlight. When they receive formal recognition from bodies like the Nobel Committee, it is the exception, not the norm. But the fact remains: Under the radar, grassroots organizations led by women are quietly changing the world… In recent years, governments like those in the Netherlands and Canada have invested significant resources in women’s movements, and I hope that others will follow suit. You can be sure that Bill and I will. Over the next three years, our foundation will be investing in women’s funds like Mama Cash and networks like Prospera, which provides financial support to women’s funds and grassroots women’s organizations in over 170 countries, spanning Africa to Asia to Latin America.

Imagine what’s possible if the world decides to partner with these organizers as their allies. Imagine how much more we can accomplish if the women who are doing so much to move the world forward finally have our full support behind them.”

Personal Leadership Moves:

  1. Men: We have an opportunity to redefine our full partnership with women and respectfully build on our collective unique strengths to exponentially advance humankind.
  2. Women: Be relentless in advancing the movement to the full partnership you deserve everywhere; including carrying the “casket” when appropriate.
  3. Louise… Thank you. Your quiet contribution as a woman leader will be a hum in the background forever. You remain.

Women in personal leadership,


One Millennial View: Grandma Louise, whether she knew it or not, had such a positive impact on everyone who knew her. In effort to bring awareness to another great person, I think both men and women Millennials should start taking notice of Tyler Haney. Still in her late 20’s, she’s the founder and CEO of Outdoor Voices (an athleisure brand that is competing with Lululemon and Nike). Her company and motto of “Doing Things” is outstanding, and taking the industry by storm. Getting to know her now is like getting her “rookie card.” I’d like to put less focus on the “men” or “women” thing, and strive to be a “Tyler.” Grandma Louise was.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis