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Key Point: Getting to results is what we are all after. We want to see progress in ourselves, others and the organizations we are part of. The manifestation to the desired outcomes has a defined process. Some people call this framework a “change or transformation system.” Whatever we label it, the integrity of the flow is important. Follow all the steps in a linear although likely iterative fashion. It’s a system.

The most truly transformative processes start with an idea or thought. Once we can articulate that notion, we need to attach a personal feeling to it. If we can’t feel it then the personal emotional connection is missing. Establishing feeling leads to the visualization of what the thought or idea literally looks like. This is the process of giving your idea/feeling more form and substance. This sensual description (taste , smell , sound , etc). of what you want to achieve in a desired future state ideally leads to clear goals or objectives. The vision, feelings, and idea, then begins to take shape in the form of objective specificity. What do we need to accomplish to achieve the “vision?” Now, we can make tactical , who does “what,” “by when,” commitments. And of course, making and delivering on the plan concludes with great results and MAKES the IDEA come true. As with much of what I write about, it is literally that simple AND that hard.

It is also important to think BIG and be BIG in a confident and humble way. There are creators and builders in the world that have audacious beliefs and that’s when things of substance really happen. Do not be afraid to throw yourself into a dilemma that will advance humankind. That’s where the most interesting creation is often sparked. Often, the right people and resources show up at the right time. Timid action based on fear often turns people towards scarcity thinking. They prefer to tear things down and get trapped in “no” thinking. These negative people are so much fun to hang with, aren’t they? We know they suck the life out of us. Have the courage to move away from them in your life.

Personal Leadership Moves:

  1. You need to embrace a “think big and make it happen” mindset. While “thinking big,” it is reasonable to start small. START NOW. Five years from now you will be amazed how far you’ve progressed.
  2. Look for people who are multipliers. Hanging out with them will help you grow in every way. They bring joy, new ideas and help you appreciate the beauty in risk.
  3. Manage your precious resources of time, energy, and talent with intentionality. This is your self management system. Follow the manifestation steps noted in the body of my blog above. If you miss a step you likely will have to pivot or restart.

Making it so in Personal Leadership,

Your multiplier,  Lorne

One Millennial View: This is a great lesson for us Millennials, especially when it comes down to who we surround ourselves with. Be picky about who you build professional and personal relationships with, and make sure they’re the multipliers you want to be associated with.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis