Terrific Teaming Versus Great Teamwork

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Key Point: Powerful and effective TEAMING is an emerging necessity for adaptive results and organization sustainability. TEAMING has evolved from historical notions attributed to teams and teamwork.  Of course, teamwork has and will always be important. However, TEAMING versus great teamwork is both subtly yet profoundly different.

This coming week, I am privileged to have been invited to speak at the Opportunity South Conference & Business Expo 2017 in Lethbridge, Alberta. I love the southern part of our great province for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest is the sense of true community that exists. I am going to share my thoughts about teaming with these passionate community leaders. And I’m going to kick things off with a few core beliefs about the evolving thinking on teaming; one being represented by a quote from Amy Edmondson, the author of “Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in Knowledge Economy.” “TEAMING… IS A DYNAMIC ACTIVITY, NOT A BOUNDED, STATIC ENTITY.” So what is the underlying importance and uniqueness of this statement? Allow me to try and answer with the following perspective.

These are key beliefs about teaming versus teamwork. Terrific Teaming is:

  • A verb.
  • Dynamic & adaptive.
  • Vital for navigating exponential disruption.
  • Spawned and sustained by terrific culture and leadership.

In this blog, I’m going to highlight the characteristics of Terrific Teaming and hopefully provoke or inspire you to think differently and perhaps more comprehensively than you historically have. The characteristics of terrific teaming include the following:

  • Led by leaders who are “gardeners.”
  • Contribution rules; rank and stature indistinguishable in action.
  • Clear on purpose and priorities.
  • Have oneness and high adaptability quotient.
  • Know how to both collaborate and fight well.
  • Thrive off of self accountability, respect, trust, and abundance.
  • Transparent… Everyone needs to see the holistic system.
  • High capability and capacity for compassion and inclusivity.
  • Messy, authentic, awesome organisms more than well oiled machines.
  • Hate sameness… Look to constantly innovate and disrupt.
  • GSD (Get S$!@ Done).
  • Celebrate wins… Have fun.
  • Detest losing; constructive chip on their shoulder.
  • Relentless forward moving and sustainability.
  • Form, expand, contract, disband as hives.
  • Effective networks of networks.

Personal Leadership (Character) Moves:

  1. Assess teams you are part of. How would you evaluate these teams relative to the characteristics of Terrific Teaming?
  2. What actions would you take to address the gaps?
  3. To what extent does your culture and leadership support the spawning and evolution of Terrific Teaming?

Terrific Teaming in The Triangle


One Millennial View: I think this is outstanding. You don’t have to be Terrific Teaming or experience leadership for long to understand and appreciate the significance of it. My favorite point above is “hate sameness… Look to constantly innovate or disrupt.” The whole “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” thing doesn’t seem to apply to good leadership, and if our teams aren’t innovating or disrupting then we have to ask why a pitfall of complacency is comfortable. It likely won’t be for very long. 

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis