Disrupted Assumptions

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Key Point: What if most assumptions that we currently make about the world were disrupted? Well, that was the most profound impact to me personally after ruminating over the Singularity Summit I attended in Toronto last week. Yes, the exponential technology introduced at the conference included much of what I’ve written about in previous blogs, and is truly mind blowing. However, the BIG “ah-ha” for me was to more completely understand that every assumption I currently believe will be turned upside down. Let’s explore just a few:

  1. Many of us assume that the best way to learn and develop is to go to kindergarten, grade school, secondary and then of course ideally post secondary. However, what if our education was all wrong? When our phone is smarter than we could ever be, what and how would we need to learn? What if most of our education emphasis was on character and values vital for advancing humankind? After all, the world’s entire content would be accessible through our phones exactly at the time and in the way we needed it. I’m not sure if our grandchildren will ever go to a university as their parents and grandparents did? Nor will they “train” for jobs as we did, because most jobs/careers as we know them will be obsolete. What I can assure you is that they will be “better educated and know much more.”   
  2. Many us assume that people will always be the source for making money and creating wealth. But what if machines made more money than we did? If a driverless car picks us up, and we pay the app a fee for the ride, does the car/machine get a wage? Tip? What will the machine do with that money? Invest it? Pay tax? What will the ethical parameters be?
  3. What if today (not sometime soon) I did NOT assume I would happily die, a life well lived, around 90 years of age? What if I became more intentional about my well being, and that I could live in a positively active way until I was 120? (Longer if I was under 60). Then I would have (in my case), about another 60 or so years to LIVE? Would people still be asking me when I was “going to retire?” What/how might I live the second half of my life?

This blog could go on and on… Every assumption challenged with a “what if?” And how might I/we? Even the slightest variations in our assumptions can have huge impact on the future.

And one new challenged assumption: That innovation and disruption are NOT the same thing. David Roberts of Singularity University duly notes: “Innovation is doing the same things better. Disruption is doing new things that make the old things obsolete.”

Leadership Moves:

  1. Now is the time to be an exponential leader and challenge all of our assumptions, in a purpose driven way, to abundantly advance humankind. The powerful premise for becoming that exponential leader is to not try and change the world. First and foremost, we need to change ourselves. How will you and I do that?

Please click on and enjoy this video below of the Leadership Moves, and stay tuned for an upcoming embedded Lorne Rubis YouTube channel, and Instagram stories/Snapchat videos that will feature many more.


Disrupted assumptions in the Triangle,

– Lorne

One Millennial View: If we knew exactly how to disrupt and replace a current industry, we’d be the next Steve Jobs. While we may or may not be the next Elon Musk, we can all be involved with teams and organizations that are exponentially changing the world. Assume you can be, seek it, and you’ll have a better chance at involving yourself instead of becoming a spectator.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis