Dot. For Work?

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Key Point: I think we might all need a little help from Dot. Ok, maybe not all you Millennials or kids in the Z generation. However, I’m not so sure this idea isn’t applicable to all generations.

Dot. is a new, animated television show about a young girl cleverly named Dot. She uses technology to enhance both her educational experiences and recreational activities. It premiered this past Saturday on NBC’s preschool-oriented network, Sprout. The show was created by Silicon Valley veteran and best selling author, Randi Zuckerberg, and is targeting children ages six and under. It also aims to help parents who are struggling with how to best integrate technology into their children’s lives. And as a grandfather, I can certainly put myself in the same category, as some of my children are now parents of these wonderful, flourishing, little ones. 

According to Inc. technology columnist Joseph Steinberg, “Dot. shows parents many positive ways that technology can be used by young children to expand horizons and enhance activities, and helps foster discussion between parents and children about technology use. In the first episode – which I watched at Dot.’s premiere party in New York last week – Dot and a friend – armed with a tablet – go on an outdoor scavenger hunt in the woods along with Dot’s father. While Dot’s Dad discusses his own experiences doing a similar activity as a child a generation prior, Dot uses the tablet to both acquire knowledge faster, and to locate the required items faster, than her father imagines is possible; technology does not become a replacement for an outdoor activity – it becomes a tool to enhance Dot’s childhood experience both recreationally and educationally, and serves as a catalyst to facilitate conversation between Dot and her father about technology and its impact on non-technical activities.” 

I think Dot. is going to be a big hit. And after thinking about this a while, why not have a show for us “big kids” too? I’m talking about SHOWING how we might better integrate technology into our complete lives. Our company, like most others, is aggressively launching into the vast opportunity of fostering more collaboration and teamwork. One way of accelerating what I refer to as peer-to-peer power, is through better using technology tools like Google’s G Suite as part of our life. This is way more than old fashioned “training!” We need to see how everyday activities become richer, faster, more meaningful and social, through living the technology. We need a Big Dot. for Big Kids! 

Character Moves:

  1. Watch Dot. if you can, and let your imagination fly. Instead of thinking of the technology as just tools, or resisting it, challenge yourself into better integrating it into everything in the best possible way… To make us better people and colleagues! We’re worth it!

Dot. in the Triangle,


One Millennial View: Keeping up with evolving technology is crucial. For anyone attempting to learn more about technology, thankfully YouTube has become a hub for many “how to,” visual tutorials. If your device is popular enough, chances are someone has posted how it works and what it can be used for. 

– Garrett Rubis

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis