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Key Point: Most of us know by now that the body of research and science endorsing the benefits of mindfulness/meditation is very convincing (on paper). Until very recently, connecting meditation/mindfulness to businesses and the workplace would likely get one “ex-communicated” from the Chamber of Commerce. However attitudes are rapidly changing as leaders like Bill George and organizations like the Center for Brain Health show how mindfulness can be a big difference maker for leaders and organizations. 

And there is now a formal or informal mindfulness cheerleader representing literally every sub-group in western society. Of course, most eastern cultures shrug their shoulders about us being just a few thousand years behind.

The other night I met with an uber smart class of fourth year university students, all chosen for their unlimited potential to change the world for the better. I encouraged them to begin practicing meditation now, and not to wait for whatever. One of their classmates had already started practicing meditation a few months ago, and was touting the benefits, even in its early days. Unfortunately, but understandably, most of us regardless of our stage in life, are challenged to make mediation a regular part of our daily routine. It is similar to teeth flossing; the science is clear but behavior lagging. This problem was just waiting for enterprising business people to step up.  

Almost four years ago Lodro Rinzler, one of the youngest (age 32) senior teachers in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, published his best-selling book, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar. Now Rinzler and a business partner have acted on the belief that a casual, drop-in studio would help make meditation more accessible to stressed-out New Yorkers. They started a super hip soul space in Greenwich Village called M N D F L. Not surprisingly, a similar concept has popped up in Los Angeles (Unplug Meditation on Wilshire Boulevard). 

Those of us cycle spinners who have experienced SoulCycle or YYC Cycle (Calgary), will recognize the process. At M N D F L, guests are able to “book a cushion” online for 30 or 45-minute sessions led by one of the 20 plus “certified” experts, whose practices range from Vedic to Kundalini to Theravada. To encourage accessibility, some classes also connect to themes, like a “nightly sleep” class to help people unwind or “emotions” to focus on matters like working through a difficult relationship.

Character Moves:

  1. Book a cushion… Somewhere! Just start. The science is clear. Just like eating well and getting physical exercise. What are we waiting for? Even though one of these “mind hip” studios is likely not in your area yet, there are many classes provided by others. “Book a cushion.”
  1. If you’d rather not be meditating “in public,” there are numerous applications like Headspace, Calm, Breathe, etc, that will help you book a cushion in your very own living room or workspace… Just five minutes a day to start?  

Mindful Cushions in The Triangle,


One Millennial View: I too have heard of the benefits of meditation… I’ll admit I’m one of those guys who doesn’t stretch before going to the gym, because I don’t think I need to. It’s one of those “look who’s beating the system” pride things, and I know that’s pretty stupid… It would typically take a lot of convincing for me to book a cushion somewhere like M N D F L, but perhaps that’s why I need to check it out. I can consider it the first “stretch” I’ve taken in a while.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis