Do You Know Your PE Numbers?

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Key Point: I am committed to building, developing and spreading the concept of personal equity (PE). The most important investments we ever make are in ourselves, not in a narcissistic manner but in the broadest definition of individual growth and wellness. 

People often talk about the importance of investing and building equity in things like houses, businesses, or other financial investments. Of course this is important. However, I genuinely believe the greatest gift we can give everyone is the investment in our WHOLE selves. This includes developing a balanced personal equity investment “portfolio” which includes: Financial equity, intellectual equity, emotional equity, physical equity and spiritual equity.

We all know how our physical equity investment eventually ends (haha). But lasting wellness and knowing how your physical equity investment is currently paying off needs some numbers to tell us where we stand. According to one recent article, the following are THE key indicators and many current or future (for example: Apple Watch) wearable devices will give us some or all of the following numbers in real time.

“1. Step Detection

An algorithm translates an accelerometer reading into distance traveled and helps estimate activity level and calories burned.

Healthy Range: About 10,000 steps per day

  1. Pulse

A sensor opposite an LED monitors fluctuations in light transmitted through your finger. The rise and fall of light indicates heart rate.

Healthy Range: 60 — 100 beats per minute

  1. Heart Rate Variability

A heart rate monitor measures the variation of beat-to-beat intervals. High variability is indicative of good health and a high level of fitness.

Healthy Range: 18 — 44 percent variability while resting

  1. Blood Oxygenation

A pulse oximeter detects the light absorption of hemo-globin to see how much oxygen reaches your extremities. That data helps athletes determine whether they’ve recovered fully from a workout.

Healthy Range: 95 — 99 percent

  1. Body Temperature

A thermometer that sits against the skin assesses surface temperature. Abnormal spikes or drops are early warning signs of sickness.

Healthy Range: 97.6 — 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Sleep

Sensitive 3-D accelerometers detect small body movement during the night. When paired with continuous heart rate monitoring, it offers a rough idea of sleep stages — light, deep, and REM.

Healthy Range: 7– 9 hours of sleep

  1. Blood Sugar

Sensors measure glucose in skin fluid using infra-red light or low-power radio waves. For diabetics, it’s a pinprick alternative. For others, it’s a way to see how diet affects health.

Healthy Range: 80 — 140 milligrams per deciliter.”

Character Moves:  

  1. Like any solid equity investment portfolio it is important to have meaningful metrics and an index to understand where we stand on the broadest definition of personal equity. Where are you on the above physical wellness metrics? Do you use a wearable and/or other app to help you get real time insight? Learn and know your physical wellness numbers. Now expand the process. 
  1. Establish a basket of personal equity measures. Using the physical wellness numbers as a sample guide, determine metrics you might use to determine where your personal equity investment is at, regarding your emotional well being, spiritual well being, financial well being and personal market value. This information is typically a private matter for you. However, it is useful to track some key numbers or metrics on a balanced basket of numbers that give us an ongoing sense of where you’re at. And balance is very important. What good is it to have a high net worth but low score spiritually and/or physically? And some might argue the reverse is also true. 
  1. Hints: Check out Daniel Goleman for a Emotional Intelligence (EQ) , Cindy Wigglesworth for spiritual metrics (SQ), your financial advisor for financial health, etc. There are many options. The key is to determine what YOU want as key PE growth /wellness numbers to inform your personal “annual equity report.”

 PE growth and wellness in the Triangle,


One Millennial View: I recently invested in a financial advising firm. Basically, it’s with me for life… Scary, right? I invest a certain amount of money per month that will essentially be professionally invested instead of me spending it on Xbox One and bars… Much more dignified… But, what’s cheaper and more important is my personal equity. I feel like I do well on all seven of those aforementioned indicators, except for sleep, because after all… I’m a needed millennial.

 – Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis