Top 2013 Abundance Blogs… Setting the Stage For 2014!

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[Ed. Note: This wraps up the highlight blogs of 2013 (see the last two posts for five favored blogs in the other two Character Triangle categories: ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPECT). Thank you readers. My very capable editor Garrett Rubis, and I look forward to you joining us for another 100 or so posts through 2014; some of which will hopefully inspire valued thought and action. Please forward any blog you like and/or encourage people you care about to subscribe. The subscription is FREE and the blogs are an outcome of my daily work as ATB Financial‘s Chief People Officer, intertwined with leading research, lessons from thought leaders and/or 40 plus years of knee scrapes and high fives in the world of work].

Key Point: Thank you for the wonderful response to the many blogs related to ABUNDANCE in 2013. Here are five that touched many people.

1. “Who Will Sit in That Chair?” This blog was one of several inspired by Adam Grant‘s research and book entitled, “Give and Take.” The benefits of giving and generosity are validated by his research and a call for more of this from all of us.

2. The blog, “What is Your Positive Intelligence Quotient?” introduces the positive intelligence quotient (PQ) and is foundational to understanding how a positive and growth mindset contributes to our personal leadership and success. Shirzad Chamine adds some very practical work to underscore positive psychology. What’s your PQ?

3. A reminder to consciously add laughter and humor in our daily work was the essence of the “Laugh Your %#$ Off! For Real.” It generated a lot of thumbs up from readers and reinforced our need to laugh out loud and often each day.

4 “Tug on Superman’s Cape” reminded us to question the reason some people become “go to people.” This blog caused people to sit back and go, “hmm…” Counter-intuitively, superman jobs are often most vulnerable for elimination. When we look deeper they can be based on scarcity rather than abundance.

5. Perhaps the blog with the most referenced phrase in 2013 was the “pickle face” post? The credit for the phrase belongs to non other than Pope Francis. Regardless of religious affiliation or not, this message really seemed to resonate with people. Don’t be a pickle face in 2014.

Character Moves:

  1. Read one or more of the above “favorites,” or go to and tour the 2013 “Be Abundant” section. You may find others that are more meaningful to you.
  2. If you haven’t had the opportunity, please read my gift to you blog published Dec. 24. It nicely wraps up the blogs over the year.
  3. Join us, read and pass on our blogs through 2014… Hopefully we can become more self aware, and act with clearer, more targeted intent as we continue to grow our personal leadership skills.

ABUNDANCE Favorites in The Triangle,

Happy New Year,

Lorne and Garrett Rubis