Do You Really Care if You Care?

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Key Point: It’s time for the annual “Character Care” checkup. Does your boss really know anything about you? Does he or she really care? Do you really care for the people who work for and with you?

I believe people have both a right and responsibility to thrive at work and life. As a colleague and leader, we have a right and responsibility to help those in our lives and work prosper. People are self-accountable for thriving, but we have a big impact on contributing to the conditions by which they can. And to establish a condition for them to blossom, I believe we have to really care for them. The following is my minimum “care checklist.”

1. I show I care for you when I know about your real aspirations and challenges.

2. I know lots about who and what’s really important to you. I may not always remember everything, but I genuinely care about those you love… Your partner, children, pets, pet peeves, etc… I remember milestones that are important to you.

3. I commit to help you advance yourself. I encourage you, applaud your progress/successes, and with sincere care, help you confront shortcomings and failures. I tell you what I think you need to know to continuously improve, while appreciating your uniqueness.

4. I ask you for your insight and help. I value your opinion and guidance.

5. You trust me and share your hopes and fears with me. I do the same with you.

6. I trust you with what’s really important to me. We genuinely never try to let each other down.

Character Moves:

  1. Draw up your personal “care checklist.” Determine how well do you show up with integrity to consistently apply these “care” beliefs. It takes huge amounts of energy. 

Care “check up” in The Triangle,