The Favorite 2013 Blogs on ‘RESPECT’

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Key Point: Thank you for the wonderful response to the many blogs related to RESPECT this year. Here are five that touched many people and hopefully inspired valuable thought and action.

1. The “Do You Upsell or Upserve?” blog was built off of Dan Pink’s 2013 bestseller, “To Sell is Human.” The essence of this blog reminds us that regardless of position, we are all in sales. And the great aspect of sales in this context is to bring value to every relationship.

2. A “Bucket Full of Golden Moments” reminds us to consciously capture the wonderful moments that are remarkable milestones (big and small) in our lives. Allowing ourselves to constructively playback 2013 is a wonderful time to reflect on Golden Moments over the last year.

3. “Men Kissing and Holding Hands at Work” startled some readers and was the kick off to a number of blogs over the year on the topic of inclusion and diversity at work. There is a defined continuum of personal development regarding one’s real state of inclusiveness. Where are you on that continuum?

4. The “Fruit Loops Feedback” blog reinforced the importance of meaningful, intentional feedback in our lives. Sugar coating feedback is not helpful. It is also not being “nice.” Being kind and nice is having the skill to give people we care about useful feedback.

5. Perhaps the blog and phrase of 2013 is “The Conversation is the Relationship.” When one reflects on the importance of this phrase for our personal and business lives, the impact is astounding.

Character Moves:

  1. Read one or more of the above “favorites” or go to and tour the 2013 “Be Respectful” section. You may find others that are more meaningful to you.
  2. If you haven’t had the opportunity, please read my gift to you blog published Dec. 24. It puts a nice wrap to the blogs over the year.

RESPECT Favorites in The Triangle,