Would They Fight for You?

Accountability Contribution Management


Key Point: Let’s say you resigned from your current job and organization. You walk into your boss’s office and give your notice. How would he/she react? Would they be sincerely disappointed about losing your contribution? Even if they could replace your competence and skills, would they miss your attributes? Would they fight to keep you? When they asked why you were leaving, what would you say? Then let’s say you went for a coffee with your most trusted friend at work. If they asked you why you were leaving, how much would the answer to the question change? What would you say to that person you might not state publicly because you want to leave on a high note?

Now let’s say you’re the boss and one of your most valuable people came into your office and resigned? What would you say to them? Would you fight to keep them? What if you were capable of turning the clock back six months? What would you do differently or better to keep that person?

Respond to the following as an employee, and if appropriate, as a boss:

(On a scale of 1-10):

1. How really engaged are you at work?

2. How fair and competitive do you think pay, benefits and other rewards are?

3. How would you rate the match between your personal values and the organization’s values?

4. How seriously and effectively does your boss/company seek out your feedback and suggestions?

5. How much are you learning? Getting better as a person? Getting better as a leader?

6. How much does your boss really care about YOU and your development?

7. How much do you learn from teammates?


1. Is your learning and advancement path clear to you?

2. Do you have all the tools you need to be successful in your job?

3. Does your role have real value, purpose and feel like more than just a job?

4. Do you feel you’re in control of your career path and progression?

5. Are you recognized for your contributions?

6. Is it fun? Do you laugh every day?

7. Are you balanced between what you like to do? Are good at? And providing real value to others?

8. Are you helpful and in meaningful service to others?

Character Moves:

  1.  Answering positively or not to these questions will tell you how much things are on the right track. What are you going to do about your answers? When? How?
  2. Regardless of what your boss or company might say or do, fight for yourself. You’re worth it.
  3. If you are privileged to be a boss, fight to be the best at helping your direct reports answer positively to these questions. You and they are worth it!

Best fighting in The Triangle,