The Thanksgiving 10

Accountability Gratitude Personal leadership


Key Point: It is always worth a reflection on being grateful, and during Canadian and/or American Thanksgiving it just seems appropriate to give thanks for our work. (Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday, Oct. 14). So here is a “Thanksgiving for your work,” from a personal leadership perspective. Be thankful, IF YOU have done YOUR BEST at WORK to:

1. Understand the strategic intent of your organization and know how you valuably fit in.

2. Know what results and value are expected of you in very specific and measurable ways.

3. Understand what you are good at, like to do, and how you bring this value to others at work.

4. Develop yourself to become more valuable this year than last year; that you are continuing to build your competence and relevance.

5. Build strong work relationships by giving your time, and energy to help others.

6. Bring solutions to challenging problems with identified results and make improvements you and others can measure.

7. Give much, unconditional recognition to others and sincerely applaud their successes.

8. Deliver results and meaningful value others find important and vital; they are attracted to you and seek out your contributions.

9. Attack problems, situations, and processes but never other people.

10. State your views with honesty, frankness, integrity, and respect; always with the best intent to make things better rather than just to be right.

Character Move:

  1. If you have done your best on all 10 above, you truly have much to be thankful for because you are likely flourishing at work.
  2. If you haven’t done your best on a few, or many of the 10 above, you can be grateful you still have your job so that you can be even more thankful next Thanksgiving after you do better to apply the 10 :).

Grateful for attending to the Thanksgiving 10 in The Triangle,