‘Cancer Has Changed Me… How About You?’

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Key Point: Do not wait for cancer to change you. Change now, today, this moment! Learn from others who have it and want to share their love. A friend posted this, so please read the following as a tribute to her.

I am thinner, eating a vegetarian, almost vegan diet. I am shorter with these two collapsed vertebrae. I move more slowly and cautiously to keep the back and nerve pain in check. I can’t sit or stand for extended periods of time. I keep my head up, as it strains to look down.

I have changed with Cancer. I accept help whenever offered. I ask for help when I need it. Gone is the “I can do it all myself” attitude.

I have slowed down. Although I have been traveling all over the map, it has been at a slower pace and I enjoy the pace. I make sure that I get my siesta time, flat on my back time, every day, wherever I am, whatever I am doing. I am pacing myself so I can make the most of every day. I really don’t want to miss anything. I am packing in as much as possible.

I have let go. All those details, little problems are a waste of time. When stuff comes along that starts to clutter up my head, tense up my body, I say “whatever,” let it go, and move on. Life is short, life is important, clutter is useless. Tension hurts.

I have stopped expecting the worst. Worrying won’t change anything. Worrying won’t prepare me for the worst. I have been at my worst and have found the strength. When the worst happens, we all deal with it and get through it. We find the strength.

This wonderful woman died the other day. As with way too many, it was far too soon. And as with many who have fought the Big C and “lost,” this is a tribute to her victory.

Character Moves (with Jana’s help):

  1. Accept help when it is offered. It is abundant and generous behavior to embrace it.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. NO ONE can go it alone. Get rid of the “I can do it myself attitude.” (All you executives out there… This is especially for you).
  3. Tension hurts! Let all the little problems go. Reframe the way you look at things. You don’t need to win and be right all the friggin’ time. Clutter is waste. Move on.
  4. Stop expecting the worse. Worrying won’t change anything. When s#%^ happens, we usually find the strength. FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real!
  5. Three more from me: Do it NOW! Why wait? Be nice… You’re worth it. Forgive. Cleanse yourself of the toxicity of blame.
  6. And one more from Jana: Sloowww down. Be present more. Pace yourself. (I need this reminder big time).

Jana… Forever in The Triangle,