10-4-1… A Code to Follow?

Accountability Management Transformation


Key Point: A colleague and friend has built one of the leading wealth management companies in North America. It took 10 years to build a sustainable, profitable, leading company. Along the way he led with tenacity, vision and purpose. This involved adjusting the business model, changing processes and occasionally people. Now the company is creating incredible value for team members, clients and investors. When asked what the formula was for getting to this point, he described it as 10-4-1.

Ten years (10) ago the fundamental purpose, vision and differentiating value offering for the company was outlined. This stands out like an oak tree planted to give strength and definition to a stunning garden. That sapling needed 10 years to mature, but has always been the anchor; the core from which all else was planted. Four (4) years ago a mastery sales development program was implemented. It combines neuroscience, video feedback technology and breakthrough coaching; resulting in faster and better results for both clients and financial advisors. One (1) year ago, other more tactical and immediate result impactors were implemented. This 10-4-1 framework has provided another way of looking at continuous strategic improvement and planning for this company. But could this framework mean something similar to you and me?

Character Moves:

  1. What did we plant for ourselves 10 years ago? You and I are planting things today that will likely take ten years to mature. Hopefully we are growing what we want, where we want it, and it will mature in fruitful ways. The most obvious “tree” we’re planting is defining our purpose, character, core skill and competence. What will we be (more) masterful at 10 years from now? What great “oak tree” are we growing? How will our character be more fully developed? This is a self-awareness journey.
  2. What did we plant for ourselves 4 years ago? What can we sow today that will likely take about 4 years to root? How will be better for it?
  3. What is on our tactical day to day, or 1 year list? The time between seed and flower is faster and gives us these short bursts forward.

At the risk of overdoing the metaphor, we can be much like that beautiful, ever growing, sustainably wonderful garden; an ever-blooming mixture of annuals, perennials, trees, and more. All planted at various times, with unique contribution to a purpose, vision and the master plan. All great gardens were once empty plots of dirt but with vision and essentially a continuous 10-4-1 type of framework, they can flourish. Perhaps your framework is 11-5-1? It is the thought and action put into multiple tracks of self-growth and maturity that builds our whole rich selves.

10-4-1 in The Triangle,