We’re Dying… So Happy New Year?

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Key Point: Do you understand the concept of impermanence and embrace the process of dying? If you do, then it will help you put your New Years objectives in perspective. Nothing except dying is for certain. You and I are currently in the process of dying. We are just not sure about when and how. And of course NOTHING physical is permanent. Everything on Earth we have collected will be left behind as our bodies turn into dust or ashes. And literally everything is constantly in the process of changing. The more we look for peace of mind to come from stubbornly believing that permanence and materiality leads to security, or that material collections really define us, the more we are likely to become very disappointed. Paradoxically the only thing we can actually hold onto is impermanence and death. I believe this is actually a very comforting yet compelling framework.

If we accept that we are in the process of dying and that impermanence is the only certainty, then it provides a basis for honest self-reflection into what’s really important in our lives and “New Year’s resolutions.” Do you live and use your time based on the above premise? What do you spend your time doing or thinking about? Be honest.

Character Moves:

  1. Allow yourself to embrace the idea of dying and to recognize the reality of impermanence as THE foundation for your New Years “resolutions.” Dying is neither to be feared nor trivialized. But working from the “end,” helps us live the best possible way today.
  2. What really counts is what you and I are doing to advance humankind and ourselves. Making our life more simple and getting rid of unnecessary “clutter” also helps us focus on the “right” things.
  3. As you focus on what you want to achieve in 2013, it will be much more rewarding to set resolutions based on what you will achieve in the categories of self enlightenment AND giving of yourself to others. Recognize that compassion must be a way of life because we are ALL dying in a world of impermanence… So, lets be nicer in 2013.
  4. This is a very freeing mindset and puts a lot of daily nonsense into perspective. For example, our bodies we so adore are best when healthy but they are just ever depleting vessels of who we really are.

 Dying to be happy in The Triangle and wishing you a truly Happy New Year,