Choosing a Leader President?

Abundance Contribution Purpose


Key Point: What criteria will Americans use in choosing between reelecting President Barack Obama or voting in Mitt Romney? Research suggests that people will pick the following four attributes when asked what they want in their leader: Competence, honesty, forward thinking and inspiration. When having the ability to choose a leader, as Americans will today, I believe it comes down to the four above PLUS C and C: “Content “and “Character.”

Content essentially addresses the platform or forward thinking aspect of the candidate. Do you believe in their vision and believe the candidate can execute to make it happen? What evidence supports this?

The Character element lends itself to a candidate review against The Character Triangle criteria. The mindset, values and behavior of the candidate all ride shotgun equally with the content platform. Is the candidate self-accountable or is blame and excuse-making too often part of the agenda? How respectful is the candidate? Is deep listening, collaboration and engaging diversity to inspire the country going forward resident in the leader? How abundant is the prospective leader? Is there a belief that the resources are there to achieve a desired future state? Or is scarcity used to drive fear?

Character Move:

  1. If you’re American… Vote! And love that we can choose freely.
  2. If you’re not, respect that Americans will be chose a leader that honors a history and culture of incredible resilience and innovation.
  3. If you’re still going through the decision making process of who to vote for, apply the C and C assessment in choosing. Having a framework like The Character Triangle can be enormously helpful in evaluating and making choices .

C and C voting in The Triangle,