The Leadership Action Model and You!

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Key Point: I genuinely believe as human beings we excel as “verbs” NOT “nouns.” We were not born to sit still for long periods of time (meditation not withstanding). And the importance of forward movement refers to the whole of us; physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, medical correspondent for CNN, points out that we need constant natural movement to stay physically well. As an example, he suggests that we should conduct meetings while walking together. We were not built to sit in front of monitors for hours on end. It’s just not healthy. I believe the same principle applies to us as total individuals. We need to constantly move forward emotionally and intellectually. What is your personal framework for constant productive movement? The following model I’ve constructed may help. It is a Leadership Action Model. Does is it work for you?


The outcome of the model is continuous, sustainable value creation for others and ourselves. The outer circle of this way of thinking involves constantly creating, renovating, connecting and navigating. We need to be creating our new and better selves by renovating what we’ve already constructed. This means constantly connecting problems to solutions and navigating resources towards a desired future state. It includes enjoying and being content with the present, but inspired to reach for an improved state.

The inner circle of the model involves a framework for execution. The “Plan, Do, Check, Act” is a proven methodology for getting things done. The “Plan” phase involves describing in detail what the desired future state looks like. The “Do” phase outlines the “how” of getting to the described “end state.” while the “Check” element refers to reviewing what’s working and not working. The “Act” part of the process involves course correction.

And of course at the center of the model is The Character Triangle.

The Leadership Action aspect of this system refers to the constant rotation through this in every aspect of our lives. It also is a model for leading organizations to life cycle forward movement. If we sit still we atrophy. And while we need to enjoy the journey and stop to celebrate milestones along the way, whenever it feels “stagnant,” it’s often a strong signal to turn that life cycle wheel with vigor.

Character Move:

  1.  How do you apply the Leadership Action Model?
  2.  Outline where you are on the Leadership Action Model relative to your professional and personal development.
  3.  What in yourself are you Creating? Renovating? Connecting? Navigating?

Leadership Action Model in The Triangle,