7 Steps to Thinking Big

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Key Point: Why can some people think big and actually achieve their audacious goals? I gave some practical guidelines on the power of “small wins” in my previous blog. Read on for supplemental insight on how to increase size and scope.

What if you were a broke 20-something, expecting your third child? And you decided to write down 107 goals including the following: Have dinner at the White House, a private visit with the Pope, become head football coach of a Division 1 football team, get a hole on one, and land on an aircraft carrier. It can seem unrealistic and even “crazy,” but that’s what Lou Holtz did. To date, he’s achieved 102/107 goals. Frankly, when you see and meet him, you wonder how the heck this guy achieved all that he has.

From Michael Hyatt‘s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World research reinforces the following as imperative steps to thinking and achieving BIG!

 1. Imagine the possibilities! In his new book Wishes Fulfilled, Dr. Wayne Dyer reinforces this. This is powerful. Learn more about this step.

2. Write down your dream. No one knows why this works for sure, but the data says it does. Read Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser‘s book, Write it Down, Make it Happen, to better understand the magic in this step.

3. Connect with what’s at stake. You must discover your “why.” Read the work on “life’s purpose” by Harvard’s Dr. Clay Christensen to help you get this. If you only do this, this blog will be a win.

4. Outline what would have to be true. Start with describing the end state and work backwards. It relates to writing it down but is important in its own right.

5. Decide what you can do to effect the outcome. This is the many “small wins” approach. See my last blog.

6. Set an aspirational deadline and “small win” deadlines. Put urgency behind the progress. If you don’t have a “by (insert date),” you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

7. Review progress daily. Ask yourself daily what you did to move the “ball down the field.” Put a red X on every day you made progress!

Character Move:

  1. Between the last two blogs, you have priceless research and a model to achieve BIG!
  2. Decide that you want to and you will! It is in you… No excuses!
  3. If you don’t want to, accept and understand you aren’t ready. Don’t drive yourself crazy by hoping for the aspiration without taking the steps. Go buy a lottery ticket. And don’t beat yourself up. When you’re ready, the roadmap is here for you.

GO BIG in The Triangle,