Are You a Flat Panel?

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Key Point: Search for a flat panel TV and one will get more than 30,000 results on Amazon alone. Now that’s competition. It’s stretching the metaphor a bit, but we are all to some extent like flat panels. How do we stand out above the crowd? Read on for a hint!

Michael Hyatt is a platform and social media phenomenon. He has more than 400,000 monthly visitors to his blog. His new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World is a “tour de force” on the subject. His message is that we need to make “wow” happen if we want to have an impact and rise above the crowd. Read and study the book to get the whole picture but the following highlights will hopefully prime the inspirational pump:

1. Take a stand for greatness! Don’t settle. When you decide the dream warrants it, play it out fully!

2. Have and connect with a vision. Become present to what you’re trying to create.

3. Remind yourself what’s at stake. Why is “this” (the vision) so important?

4. Listen to your heart. Our inner voice is a powerful driver. Being present with ourselves creates velocity.

5. Speak up! Give voice to your heart. If you don’t, who will? Go for what you deeply believe in.

6. Be stubborn. Believe in yourself. Mediocrity is natural and drifting with the current is normal… Perhaps that’s what you want? If so… That’s what you’ll get. There are lots of excuses to let yourself off the platform.

Character move:

  1. We have one short lap around the pool of life. Somewhere, sometime, we need to challenge ourselves to have an impact and to create a “wow!” Have a vision and purpose and go for it. The other option is mediocrity.
  2. Take a stand for greatness! Take a stab at a “wow!” No excuses. It doesn’t have to be a “whale saving” event. It can be one event…one project…one relationship…. But after, bask in the glory of the “wow…” Not just for ego gratification but more importantly because of what the outcome meant to others.
  3. Start with one step. Ask yourself, “What would achieving this make possible to others? To you?” Forget about what people think…If they don’t like you… If you fail… So what? Really, just imagine it! Then start.
  4. When you are lying there in palliative care, hopefully after a long and gratifying life, you can smile and know you gave it a shot for greatness.

Above the Noise in The Triangle,