Attribute Filter: How Do You Do?

Abundance Contribution Management


Key point:

Organizations are taking skill, education and experience as just the key to get in the door. Attributes are the distinguishing factors. Whether you get invited to the party is a matter of the attributes you demonstrate and your “story” is the evidence needed to prove you genuinely have them embedded.

Let me give you an example. You want a top-notch sales person. Does he/she have an MBA? Top 25 percent of the graduating class? (Check). Does the person get results (i.e. top 10 percent of sales performance, and always above target?). (Check). Has she/he worked in an industry where customer relevance matters to this role? (Check). OK, now you get to compete against the other finalists who rate about the same on skill, education, and results. The big tiebreaker is their attributes.

No organization really wants to invest in core attribute development. Ideally, we want people with the desired characteristics in place and then we will heavily invest to improve speed to significant contribution. My argument is that the values in The Character Triangle are clear qualities that will prove to distinguish you from others.

As an example, the interviewer may ask for the following: Can you outline examples where you faced adversity but acted with self-accountability to thrive? Here is a scenario on your Facebook wall where you seem to contradict a belief in respect for others? Please explain. Identify seven or more things you have done in the last two weeks to confirm a deep belief in abundance. Can you describe the benefits to yourself? Others?

Character move:

  1.  Recognize that companies are seriously dedicated to filtering based on attributes.
  2.  Research whether your core attributes match the organization you want to join.
  3.  Develop an evidence-based story to validate how your desired attributes come to life.
  4.  Keep developing the stories of how you have applied the desired attributes and the opportunity.

 The pie expands dramatically!

P.S. I recently did a radio interview with highly respected business blogger, Wayne Hurlbert, of Blog Business World.

This is a relevant comment that Hurlbert says about The CT in his book review

“People are naturally drawn to and inspired by people of character. This book will ensure that you are one of those people who make a real difference in the world and in the lives of others.”

 Leadership attributes in The Triangle,