Missed Winning Field Goals and Life

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Key Point: you and I, if we’re lucky, will be in a position to kick a “winning field goal” in work and/or life. We will miss sometimes. It will be heartbreaking. It is how we react and get ourselves ready to kick the next one that’s important. Spending too much time on the past miss will distract us from the next opportunity in front of us.

This year’s college football bowl games have involved kickers missing critical field goals. Even if you are not a sports or football fan, you can likely appreciate the kicker in front of a huge crowd and television audience, falling to his knees in agony after a big miss. After all, the entire team and all fans are impacted by whether the kick goes through the goal posts or not. This year’s kickers who have missed have had to close off their Facebook pages and hide out. Death threats and derision spewed from fans that likely couldn’t kick a ball ten feet as these kickers become posting patsies. Ironically team mates normally are very understanding.

Character Move:

  1. Remember you and I only trip when we’re moving. We are all destined to miss sometimes.
  2. We have to leave behind the misses we make, try to learn, and keep practicing and focused on the next one.
  3. You and I can’t fear failure or it will turn us into the people that want to judge from the sidelines rather than play the game.
  4. Just keep kicking!

Through the goalposts in The Triangle,