Accountability – 2011 “Best of the Best”

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As you look back on your experiences in 2011, I encourage you to reflect on how and where you better applied the three values of the Character Triangle: Accountability, Respect, and Abundance. How much have you consciously practiced? Have you recognize how it has helped?

Key Point: The following three blogs on ACCOUNTABILITY are my candidates for “best of the best in 2011”, based on reader interest and feedback regarding the degree they stimulated thought and action. I hope you enjoy reading them again or if you missed any that you find them meaningful. Thanks for being part of the Character Triangle “Tribe.” I hope you will join me again in 2012 for a new and invigorating set of ideas and suggestions as part of the continuous journey of Character Triangle development.

Practice IS Life …Enjoy and Embrace It

Last Wishes at Last?  Why Wait?  Please Do It Now!

Fear – Hiding Cash in Tampon Boxes?

Character Move:

  1. Read one or more of the blogs again.
  2. Think about what action you took or will take as a result.
  3. Give me your feedback as to which of the three was your 2011 favorite.
  4. Share them with anyone who might value the message.

Best in the Triangle,