Are You Improving Your PERMA Score?

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Key Point: “Habits of thinking need not be forever. One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think.” ~ Martin Seligman

As I blog and discuss the Character Triangle, I emphasize the importance of being able to establish a habit system to reinforce Accountability, Respect, and Abundance as a way of life. Establishing a “thinking and doing process” that becomes habitual is critical for emotional and physical advancement, and this leads to greater happiness. Two things happen when you feel happier in your life. First, you catch on to the fact you have a choice in how you see the world. Second, you let go of what doesn’t work.

The persistent, challenging and immensely broad work emanating from Martin Seligman has offered the most illuminating light regarding habitual thinking. (Seligman, 1992, 2002, 2011; Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, 2001; Seligman, Ernst, Gillham, Reivich, and Linkins, 2009.) Such history has (recently) yielded a new chant for those seeking to flourish (read more). PERMA is the acronym for well-being reflected in our Positive emotion, Engagement (being aware of feelings as they happen), Relationships (relating to others well), Meaning (purpose), and Achievement (PERMA).

In an interview last summer Martin Seligman said, “Well being (happiness) is not just the absence of misery; it is the presence of real things.” Doing something for someone else is the single biggest, most mood-lifting boost you can give yourself. For another way, before you go to sleep at night write down three things that went well today, and why they went well. “It is addicting. Six months later in random assignment placebo-controlled tests, people who do this are happier, with higher life satisfaction and lower depression.” For a higher PERMA score – be conscious of the things that go well in your life.

Character Move: take action, one small manageable step at a time, to improve your PERMA and habit thinking score. Doing so will reinforce the Character Triangle becoming a habit and better enriching your life on a daily basis.

PERMA is the Character Triangle,