Please Help Me Celebrate a Milestone



Today, October 25,2011, The Character Triangle: Build Character, Have an Impact, and Inspire Others  is now available for purchase! Hooray!

Character Triangle Book CoverTo order my book, please click on the “book” tab (above; on the navigation bar at the top of my home page). You can buy the book in any format AND receive a 25% discount by applying the following friends and family discount code – “LRCT”. Please feel free to share this code with anyone who you think might enjoy the book.

What I most care about is that readers apply concepts taken from the book, and as a result improve the well being of themselves and others. I know practicing the Character Triangle as a system WILL build character, have an impact, and inspire others. And that defines success in a very personal and unique way.

Character Move:

  1. Buy and read the Character Triangle.
  2. Practice the principles daily.
  3. Share it with people you care about.

Thank you for celebrating with me. Reading and making the book come alive completes the book. THANK YOU!

Celebrating in the Triangle,