The Irony in Launching…

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The irony in launching The Character Triangle:  Build Character, Have an Impact, and Inspire Others…

My website host has been rock solid for all the time my website has been up (since April 2010). My team did extensive planning to make sure we had a smooth book launch. Yesterday after my blog was posted, and after I sent an extensive email announcement that my book was available for purchase, it came to my attention that my site was down! (Since 7:00 am PDT no less.) The hosting company, which has been very reliable to date, had network issues and a number of other back-up challenges. I wish I could tell you it was because my book went viral and overloaded the servers, but I don’t think that was the root cause. Ha-ha.

Anyway, by 3:00 pm PDT yesterday, the site was up and running again but I know a lot of customers were bounced… …darn. I apologize if that happened to you. It is so enticing to want to blame someone and feel victimized, etc. But instead, if I take a deep breath, I realize this gives me an opportunity to contact you again about the book, and practice the principles I write about. Now I don’t say in the book that it is always easy or even enjoyable to live in the Triangle. If I want to live the principles, it doesn’t mean just doing so when all is groovy.

Character Triangle Book CoverAlso, based on the feedback we’ve received you can now click on the image of my book and go directly to the order page. But, if you are NOT on my site and reading this as a subscription e-mail, please go to order the book.

Character Move:

  1. Enjoy the irony and breath deeply.
  2. View challenges as poignant opportunity to practice the CT principles.
  3. Find the underlying benefit when %^$# happens, and leverage if possible.

Re-launching in the Triangle,