I’m Sorry I Forgot I was Contagious. You are a Carrier Too!

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Alex, one of our top sales people, asked me the other day what was wrong, “You look so serious and almost mad.” Geez I thought, I’m pretty focused but certainly not “mad” at anyone. But I needed to remind myself that a leader’s mood will spread like a virus throughout his or her organization. Any emotion of the leader will spread quickly; positive or negative. While happy moods and especially laughter are the most contagious anger and despair in the boss can upset the whole group quickly too. If Alex thinks I’m worried and stressed out it becomes a negative distraction to him in his sales role. Sorry Alex…and to everyone else for a mood contagion that was a negative vibe.

So here’s the point. What we focus on largely creates our emotional state.

Character Move:

  1. Recognize that self awareness is a vital place to start. We have to be able to recognize and describe our emotions. What are we feeling and communicating?
  2. Focus on what needs focusing on but remember we can choose to communicate confidence or despair, and everything in between. What do we want to communicate? Choose it consciously and carefully.
  3. Get feedback on the vibe we send… ask, watch, listen, learn.

Mood Awareness in the Triangle,