Five Ways to Become Happier TODAY

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With all the negative stuff all around us, I thought the best gift I could give my readers is to share an outstanding video by Harvard’s psychologist and lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar. It has been one of the most popular videos on the Big Think web site. He has a very practical approach to happiness supported by research… not just fluffy talk.

Character Move:

  1. Take 4 minutes and 33 seconds to watch the video. Take notes. Do not get distracted by other things when you’re watching and listening.
  2. Determine how well you are applying the five things he outlines in the video. Take action based on your self assessment.
  3. Share the video with people you really care about.
  4. Recognize that genuine happiness is really more in our control than we realize.
  5. Put stuff that’s not in our control where it belongs.

Five Happiness Actions in the Triangle,