Fear – Hiding Cash in Tampon Boxes?

Abundance Contribution


The above phrase is from a CNN Money blog entitled The Booming Business of Fear. The article highlights consumer behavior when FEAR swells up and overtakes thinking. People hide cash in the craziest places and the sales of safes, guns, gold, and other “fear-based items” goes up dramatically. As an example a company called Maximum Security, which sells the above and more, has seen revenue climb 30% over the past few weeks.

So what does one do at WORK when FEAR hits the market like it has the past few weeks? It may be counter intuitive but it is not the time to hide; hoping that those with the ability to take action won’t notice. It is the time to make sure your value is understood and noticed.

Character Move:

  1. Take a hard look at what you’re doing and how it creates value in your organization. Make sure you know and that you’re meeting or exceeding expectations.
  2. Ask your boss what and how you can help him/her navigate their challenges. Sincerely show that you care about the pressure they’re under to perform.
  3. Avoid any unnecessary drama. The last thing anyone needs to deal with is some distracting “drama.”
  4. Make sure you have a backup plan. If business changes dramatically you may get caught up in a layoff regardless of all of the above. Do not avoid this thinking. A job cut can happen to the best of us for no rational reason other than the reactive behavior of leaders acting on fear.

No Hiding in the Triangle,