How Would You Do on the E Test? Your Boss?

Empathy Management Respect


People quit bosses not companies. This adage is an accepted reality of organization life. And even if people don’t quit, they can become compliant versus motivated when having to deal with a boss who lacks respect and empathy.

Researchers at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management found by using the E test and other experiments, that a surplus of power (that bosses often have) led to a deficit of empathy.  To learn about the E test go to Dan Pinks article in The Telegraph.

Great leaders and managers have to be strategic and decisive. Yet they are also superb at the so called “soft stuff.” Accomplished observers of leadership like Tom Peters have said over and over that the soft stuff is the hard stuff.

Character Move:

  1. Talk less and listen more. Care about the people we work with. Look at things from the perspective of others.
  2. Be nice. Being tough, decisive, and quantitative does not mean we have to act with arrogance.

Try the E test. Which way is your E pointing? Try this with your boss. How did he/she do?

Respect is part of the Triangle,