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I’m a Beatles fan and love the song Ticket to Ride. It prompted my thinking about the ticket we need to successfully ride the employment express. As a CEO with more than 40 years in the work force, I believe that now more than ever the “ticket to ride” is continuous personal development. We have to sharpen our saw every day. The best equity we can build is in our own skill base. Our resume needs to be better today than yesterday and we can benefit from more knowledge, and help from the world’s thought leaders. In this time-crushed world, how do we do this efficiently and effectively? Determining the best course of action can become daunting. There is an overwhelming explosion of content and choice. We are standing at the door of the world’s biggest supermarket of information, the Internet.

To help me sort through the content clutter, I have chosen a trusted aggregator of the world’s best training and development leaders, authors, and gurus. G5 Leadership Training is one of the premier live web training companies in the world. They bring us New York Times bestselling authors like Stanford Professor Bob Sutton, Fast Company founder Bill Taylor, Marshall Goldsmith, David Allen, and Tim Sanders to name a few. Every year they add new, insightful, thought leaders on the most important topics in business.

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