Getting in the Zone at Work

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Picture this… I’m fortunate enough to be sitting in the Assembly Room Theatre in the lovely city of Bath, England. I’m there to listen to a stunning, rising star Russian violinist, Alina Ibragimova, play J. S. Bach’s beautiful sonatas. I do not know much about classical music, but I know when I see an artist in the ZONE. As she took the stage you could literally see her center her core, look up the ceiling as if to summon the angels, and launch into the performance. Her work hypnotized and captured an audience who applauded and stamped their feet as her bow ceremoniously left the violin for the last time. All of us, from novice to maestro, knew we had participated in a magical moment.

Most of us do not get to a literal “center stage.” But there is value in thinking about our work as successful artists and athletes do. You may think it overly zealous or even naïve to think this way. But what is the alternative, to go through the motions and just do a mediocre job? Or, to be the very best at whatever you do and find that allusive ZONE, where you know you’re in the groove?

Character Move:

  1. Give serious thought to what you want to be known for in your work.
  2. Practice, practice, practice.
  3. Think of the next person or process who is impacted by you work, as your “audience.”
  4. Recognize when you are in the ZONE. What did you do to make it so?
  5. Never stop learning, practicing and getting better.
  6. Take a bow and accept the applause every once in a while.

In the Triangle… in the Zone,