Turn Yourself into “Amazing”!

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Bill Taylor in a recent Harvard Business Review article reinforced that these days we have to go from okay to amazing. Walk through any retail shopping center or main street today and we will see what okay turns out to be, a closed and boarded up retail store or restaurant. If the organization you’re with is satisfied with okay, then get out and find yourself one that wants to be amazing. If you want to be just okay at what you do, then be prepared to have someone replace you. It’s only a matter of time.

The only way any organization becomes amazing is because all of the people working there, at every level, are amazing. And, the way people become amazing is to identify who their customers are (internal or external) and then exceed their expectations.

Character Move: take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I amazing?” What would it take to be described that way? Go ask and find out? Take one or two small steps towards amazing… keep going until you hear the “amazing” description pop up. Then get even more amazing (being amazing is not being perfect). Become relentlessly crazy about being amazing! It is a mind set. Assume the position.

Being amazing in the Triangle,