Has the Music Found You? What Are You Practicing Right Now?

Abundance Growth mindset


When you purposefully practice, it means you are focused on your goal. Accomplished artists, athletes and professionals intensely work on achieving their goals, to be better at their crafts. We need to think of behaving the same way at work and in other parts of our lives. Some people believe that when you practice purposefully you also naturally attract, or become attracted to, people and resources that accelerate your development. The metaphorical music finds you as much as you make music.

Practice does not make perfect but it makes better.

So what if we applied this practice idea to the Character Triangle? Here are simple examples of what we could do:

Self-Accountability: every day practice taking action on one thing you would have avoided previously. Make that phone call; write that note. Every day do one thing and keep track of what you’ve done.

Respect: every day ask one person for their input that you normally wouldn’t have. Then really listen to what they have to say. Note it.

Abundance: every day look for an opportunity to give freely (kindness comes to mind as an example). Do it proactively. Open a door. Help someone carry something. Look for an opportunity to give, and journal your action.

In all three examples above you are acting with purpose; you’re practicing!

Character Move: for 30 consecutive days journal what you do in each of these three areas, observe how you feel, and how others react to you. Let me know the impact.

Practice, practice, practice in the Triangle,