The Old Lady in Purple and The Priest with a Cane. How Do You Score?

Abundance Books


I’m fired up about Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment. Why? It is so darn practical and reinforces the elements of the Character Triangle! As an example, Kawasaki connects trustworthiness and giving. So here is a little reality checklist by Kawasaki to see how much giving is a habit:

  • Give with pure joy to those that cannot help you. Who did you do that for recently?
  • Give early to someone well before you need to ask for help back. Your recent example?
  • Give often and generously; the more you give the more you receive. How are you on this?
  • Give unexpectedly. Surprise and enjoy without expecting anything in return. And this?
  • Ask for reciprocation. Occasionally, but not on a transaction basis, ask for a favor in return. This deepens the relationship. Your score?


Character Move: Just Give! Make it a habit. And then do it more. The little old lady in purple that needed some genuine conversation and disabled priest struggling to catch a taxi – these are my wife’s and my little giving examples yesterday. Hope you had some too.

Abundant in the Triangle,