Are You Stuck in a “World of Wish”? Take the First Step and Just #$%@&! Do It!

Accountability Contribution Transformation


Every day I run into people who say “I wish,” “if only,” and “why can’t,” etc. I catch myself saying the same things sometimes. We might want something different but honestly don’t do a meaningful thing about achieving that more desired state. We get stuck in the “world of wish.” I’ve come to the conclusion that most of us don’t really want to achieve what we wish for and aspire to. Honestly if we dig deep into our feelings and thoughts we don’t really want to, or are afraid to. The idea of just wishing for something different sustains us enough for whatever reason. It’s kind of buying a Lottery Ticket. Maybe it will magically, against ridiculous odds, just happen one day.

However if we’re fortunate, we might find or run into a story like The Boy who Harnassed the Wind and we will become inspired and/or embarrassed by the excuses we make. And frankly many of us sitting on cushy couches need to run into a William Kamkwamba. We need to see him standing on top of that creaky windmill to get off our butts and create something that makes that “wish” real, and by doing so we will ultimately replenish ourselves. Please watch the video below and I encourage you to read the book. William had every reason (way more than most of us in the developed world) to do nothing. But he chose to “do” rather than “wish.”

Character Move: What windmill will we build? What is our wish that needs to be achieved? We don’t have to save a village. But we can all catch the wind; even if it contributes more value for just one person; including and especially ourselves. We can build from there. Read the book or watch the video and then just do it! Forget about “them” achieving your wish for you. “They” can help, but like William we need to start and one day we have built “a windmill.” Just take one meaningful step today…another tomorrow …and another…

Harnessing the Wind in the Triangle,